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A half dozen teachers of the Bennington-Rutland Supervisory Union were recognized at the BRSU "Welcome Back" event on Monday, August 24.

The recognition awards were announced as follows: Diane Mach Sutter of the Mettawee Community School was recognized for her 25-plus years of teaching, and Suzanne Ordway of the Manchester Elementary-Middle School was recognized for her 25 years of service in BRSU.

Ann Faris of the Manchester Elementary-Middle School, and Stephanie Pierce of the Mettawee Community School received the BRSU Teacher Recognition Award for 2015.  This award is sponsored by BRSU teachers to acknowledge exceptional teaching abilities and dedicated service to students.

Priscilla Davenport of the Currier Memorial School and Patty Lea of the Mettawee Community School were named UVM Outstanding Teachers for 2015.  They will receive further recognition at a ceremony at UVM later this Fall.

afaris and spierce.pngAnn Faris and Stephanie Pierce

cdavenport.pngPriscilla Davenportsordway.pngSuzanne Ordway20150824_104934.jpgL to R: Patti Lea, Mettawee Principal Brooke DeBonis, Stephanie Pierce, and Diane Mach Sutter

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BRSU 2014/2015 School Report
The BRSU 2014/2015 School Report contains important program, assessment, and organizational information about all of our schools.  To view an online version, click here.  If you'd prefer a paper copy, please ask for a copy at your local school, or contact the BRSU Central Office at 802-362-2452.  

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